Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey, that's Delicious!

I have just become informed of a very useful website. Its called Delicious!

Delicious is a website that saves your bookmarks for you, which is very nice for me. I have several computers that I use: a home desktop, office desktop (with dual boot, which makes it like 2 computers), home laptop, work laptop -- all of which contain web browsers that I use (for example Firefox, or in case of Linux, Opera seems to work better). I found myself emailing links/bookmarks to myself so that I can revisit those pages on another computer/browser and then bookmark it there if I want. I also noticed that I have hundreds of bookmarks that get lost in the shuffle. Delicious saved me from this bookmark/link hell!!

Since Delicious allows for quick access to my links from any browser, I don't see why I'll ever bookmark again! Hoooray!!

Another "benefit" is that you can share your links publicly. This is imagined to be a public service of information resource sharing. Each link can be tagged which allows for easier access. You can also specify some links as private if you just want to keep that info to yourself.

My Delicious is under the code-name "mjb888":

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