Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hey, did you see that sound?

Cymatics is the study of the physical effects of sound waves. Some have used this idea of the "shapes of sound" in interesting ways. For example, some feel this knowledge can be used to explain such things as psychosomatic illness and promote audio therapy. Thomas J. Mitchell has used the mysterious shapes found at Rosslyn Chapel (mentioned in Dan Brown's Best Seller "The Da Vinci Code") to create music:

Mitchell has used this music "code" as pseudo-supernatural sheet music to produce a CD, entitled the Rosslyn Motet. I have yet to hear the CD, but when I do, I will follow up.

The theories of cymatics are described HERE. The following video gives a better demonstration of the theory than the previous video:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey, did you see those Air Cars?

There are 2 competing air-powered engines: one from France that uses an engine similar to the internal combustion type we're all familiar with, but powered by air; and another developed in Australia that uses a unique rotary design (the "di Pietro Engine").

Part 1: France

Part 2: Australia

I'm more partial to the Australian design. Critics claim air is only a energy medium and filling up with air still takes an energy source, therefore, not solving any energy problems. While (perhaps) this is true, it also produces no emissions.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hey, did you see that one thing called the Pickens Plan?

Photo: Toronto-based Great Lakes offshore wind turbines.

More wind.
More natural gas.
More biofuels.


Less foreign oil.

Its being called: the Pickens Plan.

Here is a nice site created by some nice Canadians that list some pros and cons of different alternative energy sources--> Click Here, Eh?
There are more informative websites, but this one is quick and concise for our fast-paced world!